Security ID cards

A card with specific security features

The most important feature of a security Id card is that duplication is impossible. There are several security options and levels available. Here are the most current:

  • Special inks such as the invisible ink, UV inks and optical variable inks. UV-ink enables us to add a password, code or trade mark that will light up with use of ultraviolet light.

  • Microprinting is the printing of very small fonts that will become visible when using a magnifying glass. These fonts can create stripes in the background that make duplication impossible.

  • The hologram cannot be copied with any type of printing technique. It is the best optical security. It is possible to create a unique hologram.

  • Holographic foil makes different parts of a card visible or reflecting. The card will be entirely covered by this foil.

  • A guilloche is a geometric figure consisting of many fine lines that zigzag, swing or intertwined in a mesh of arches and waves. A guilloche can not be copied and is also used on banknotes.

  • With laser engraving, text is engraved on a card with the use of laser technology. This technique is slightly more advanced than other personalization options and is mainly used on credit cards.

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