Chip and RFID cards

Contactless check-in or payments

A chipcards is also called an RFID card. It is a plastic card with (visible) chip. Information is stored in the chip. A good example of an RFID card is your own debit card that allows you make contactless payments.


This card is available in different versions:

  • Low frequency (125 kHz, reach 2-100 cm): mainly used as entry card.
  • High frequency (13.56 mHz, reach 3-10 cm): mainly used in registration systems.

The high frequency RFID card is also called Mifare and is currently the most popular contactless chip card worldwide; there are different versions of Mifare cards available which differ in storage capacities and security levels.


We can encode and read RFID tags and chips. Besides that the possibilities of personalizing the chip, RFID and Mifare cards are the same as with the standard plastic cards. We can supply printed and plain cards. If we read RFID cards you will receive an Excel file from us with all ID and chip numbers. We can also encode the ‘empty’ chip cards if you supply us with the right data info.

A Card Management System is available to manage the issuance of these multifunctional cards.

MIFARE cards: blank or printed

All types available

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