Card Management System

Centralized management of card issuance and personal data

Our card management system is an application that enables you to easily manage your plastic cards, personal data, and other data streams from different applications. This card management system fulfills a central role in the production of plastic cards and its management.

One central management tool

In many organizations several applications and management systems are active. Most of these applications and management systems are not synchronized with each other. With our card management system, these different existing applications and management systems will get synchronized with each other which enables central management of all personal data and plastic cards that are being used within the entire organization. Adjustments or new data will automatically be updated at any connected facilitating system. This results in less administration, more efficiency and a significant reduction of costs.


This system offers several authorization levels and user profiles. By using this system you can grant user rights to any specific type of user in a detailed manner. The amount of users or locations is unlimited. The card management system offers a detailed insight in the requests and issuance of plastic cards in every part of the card issuance process

One system

All functionalities centralized

One mutation

Mutations are automatically processed


Cost-saving in time and resources

Local or cloud-based

Our card management system can be installed in the local network of the client but we do also offer a cloud based solution. When choosing the cloud based option you can get access to the card management system through your browser. In this way there is no need to install something locally and you still have an up-to-date system available. Unlike local installation, no major investment is required, only a monthly license fee that covers all costs.

With our CMS, you can customize, print, encrypt and manage for the various applications like:

  • Payment systems

  • Vending machines

  • Printers

  • Lockers

  • Attendance registration

  • Parking machine

  • Time registration

  • Access control

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